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Kinds of Aromatherapy Oils and their Major Health Benefits to Man

Aromatherapy oils that come from plants are great in helping people stay healthy. These oils are extracted from different parts of the plants including the stems, flowers, leaves and roots. Distillation by steam and water is the most common extraction method used to effectively derive the essence of the plants.


Plants are naturally occurring in the environment and are excellent sources of volatile oils. Therefore they are not harmful to people instead they have therapeutic events. These properties all make these oils perfect and ideal for aromatherapy. In order for the oils to provide their full benefits, they are mixed with carrier oils such as grape seed oil and apricot kernel oils. In aromatherapy, they help in providing psychological, physical and emotional healing benefits that are all important for the body. Some of the volatile oils that are commonly used in aromatherapy include:


Tea tree – Also referred to as the melaleuca oil, tea tree essential oils are great antifungal and antibacterial preparations. They are typically used in treating acne, whooping cough, athlete’s foot, colds, candidiasis and flue. The oil can be mixed with lemon to help bring out the natural and fresh aroma of the oil. It has been believed also to have antiviral property. Further studies are conducted to verify the usefulness of the oil as an antiviral alternative.


Patchouli – Essential oils of this plant is commonly used in treating acne, eczema and other skin disorders. It has an earthy odor that helps relieve exhaustion and stress. This plant has various medicinal uses like antibacterial and antifungal property. It is used also in incense, perfumes and as insect repellants. This volatile oil can be obtained using fermentation and steam distillation.


Oregano – The essential oils of this plant is used in treating diseases of the digestive and respiratory systems. Through the steam distillation process, the yellow oil can be extracted and used as an antiseptic as well. As an aromatic herb, oregano can render a more succulent taste to food like meat, vegetable, fish and pizza. It is also known to have antioxidant properties due to its phenolic and flavonoid components. However, caution should be observed when using it because it might cause skin irritation.


Lavender – There are many health benefits that lavender essential oils can offer to man. It is excellent in treating insect bites, skin irritations or inflammations and acne. It helps in preventing bacterial infection, bites from insects as well as other vectors which can transmit diseases. It is sometimes used as a hydrosol and sprayed on some parts of the body as it acts as an insect repellant. A few droplets of the oil on clothing can help it stay fragrant, free from insects and fresh smelling for extended periods of time. Also, it is used as a fragrant aerosol, eliminating odors from a room. The refreshing scent of this oil makes it ideal and perfect for aromatherapy.


These aromatherapy oils mentioned can be used effectively if methods are properly followed. Those who decided to optimize the use of the oils must be aware that there are some essential oils that should be cautiously used. Because essential oils come from plants, they tend to have lesser side effects compared to therapeutic drugs. Aromatherapy helps bring out these scents from the oils to produce psychological, mental and physical benefits to people.


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